The Carers Emergency Plan is a tool developed to allow our Carers to record all of the necessary information in the unexpected event of the Carer not being in a position to support the Cared For person. The plan covers areas relating to all aspects of what they would do on a daily basis, i.e. administer medication, be aware of any dietary requirements, have the GP/medical contact numbers to hand etc. 

This plan should not be returned to Sefton Carers Centre, instead, the plan is for our carers to discuss with their emergency contacts as a contingency, ensuring continuity of care for the Cared For person. This plan will hold all the vital information needed for the carers chosen emergency contacts in the absence of the main Carer and must be updated (as and when required) by the Carer and to be shared with their identified emergency contacts, whenever these changes are made.  

 For a copy of The Carers Emergency Plan please click HERE

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